Avanza stands for “Advanced” in Spanish, Same as our mission and vision to bring advanced services and products for our Indian and International customers

We currently own and represent several brands.

Webasto Sunroofs NCR – Webasto, founded in 1901 has been a leading supplier to the automotive industry for over 75 years. Nowadays, it is divided into convertible, roof and body, global comfort solutions for heating and air conditioning sytems. Webasto sunroof ensures more comfort and enjoyment at the wheel. Webasto comes with the cutting edge technology which satisfies the market requirements, research, creativity and innovations.

The sunroofs are classified into two types namely

1) Glass Sunroofs

2) Fabric Sunroofs

Glass Sunroofs are divided into 4 styles

1) Pop up style – It is considered to be the most affordable and basic type which possess glass that pops out while the sunroof is in open position. It is very easy to remove.

2) Built-in style – Customer always prefers this type which is fully automatic and slides in between the car’s roof when opened. The cost of the sunroof is very expensive but the quality is too good and it offers function such as sun shade, auto-close, vents.

3) Tilt ‘n Slide style – Another name for Tilt ‘n Slide style is Spoiler Type which offers a mixing of sliding inside and popping out for ventilation. 4) Top Mount Type – One of the main advantage of using this sunroof is that they saves headroom since it operates on the rails situated on the top of the vehicles roof. It comes with the wind deflector to avoid the unnecessary noise of wind at high speeds.

4) Panoramic style – This type consists of front and rear parts which is able to wrap much area compared with other. The panoramic type offers more roominess and freshness inside the car. ( Discontinued in India) Fabric Sunroofs Fabric sunroofs are fold-able type – It is also known as European type sunroofs which looks so old and tradition. The fold-able type is fitted with rich quality fabric such as vinyl same used in most of the soft top convertible cars that would open wider than any other sunroof. Visit http://www.sunroofsdelhi.com/ to know more.

Steeroids.in – Focused to be a platform for the Indian car enthusiast who like to modify their rides and showcase them to other enthusiasts.Having a great visibility online. www.steeroids.in gives a chance for every enthusiast to share their passions with others. Steeroids also focuses on the holding several events like “FAST AND FURIOUS NIGHTS” at various location in Delhi. An event designed generate an excitement among  the youth and a chance for modifiers to showcase their cars. We have been able to showcase various events and more are being planned shortly.

Autotude– Its a concept to establish retail chains all around India to provide various products and services related to cars.

Your car is an extension of your personality, Why keep it they way to came to suit the needs of every other user of a car. Make it your own.

AUTOTUDE, As the name suggests it is a place for people who want to give some attitude to their car’s, Passion and love for cars has encouraged us to give our customers a great range of Products and High quality services.

Our team it self being passionate for car’s, Step up and understand the needs of a car enthusiast and give out tailor-made solutions. We offer various car customization and maintenance services.

Motoagents– A premium service focused to find enthusiastic people the right set of vehicle they want to accuire. A pre-owned vehicle service that is focused only at Luxury cars or Superbikes.


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